Hearing loss has become common these days. According to the World Health Organization, around 1.5 billion people across the globe live with hearing loss, and it is expected to grow to 2.5 billion by 2050. 

Fortunately, hearing aids assist people with hearing loss in listening to sounds and conversing with others clearly. With technological advancements, modern-day hearing aids are more discreet than traditional ones. They are now very compact in size. In fact, many of them are invisible to the eyes and are called invisible hearing aids. 

Invisible hearing aids, also called invisible-in-canal (IIC) hearing aids, have become a popular option for people with hearing impairment. They do not have to feel embarrassed by hearing impairment, as invisible auditory aids are unnoticeable to others. 

If you are looking for the best invisible hearing aids that provide a high-quality listening experience, we have compiled a list of some of the best ones in this article. 

What is an Invisible Hearing Aid? 

 Invisible Hearing Aid

Also referred to as an invisible-in-canal (IIC) hearing aid, invisible hearing aids are hearing aids that are invisible. These devices fit completely in the ear canal and are not noticeable to the naked eye. 

IIC hearing aids are the smallest hearing aid type equipped with advanced digital technology. They fit deep inside your ear canal so that anyone cannot detect whether you are wearing auditory aids. 

Moreover, these hearing devices are specially formulated to fit your ear canal. They do not feature any external tubes or wires, making them completely invisible. 

How Does it Work? 

The following are the 5 components that make invisible hearing aids work: 

  • Microphone: Picks sound from the environment, converts it into electrical signals, and transmits them to the wearer’s auditory aid that amplifies these signals. 
  • Amplifier: Increases the power of electrical signals and transmits them to a digital signal processor (DSP). 
  • Digital Signal Processor (DSP): Processes sound to improve its quality and speech clarity and provide hearing comfort. 
  • Receiver: Receives sound from DSP and transmits it to the wearer’s ear canal. 
  • Battery: Provides the power to auditory aids. 

Who Should Wear an Invisible Hearing Aid? 

Invisible hearing aids are ideal for people with mild to moderate hearing loss. Well, there are some models that serve best for severe hearing loss. For people who emphasize the appearance of hearing aids or want something unnoticeable to the world, invisible hearing aids are the perfect option for them. 

How to Choose an Invisible Hearing Aid? 

Here are some essential factors you must look for while choosing an invisible hearing aid: 

  • Technology: Auditory aids are available at different technology levels depending upon the type and degree of hearing loss. You can opt for online hearing tests or to consult a hearing health professional to know your degree and type of hearing loss and choose hearing aids based on the suitable technology. 
  • Fit: As invisible auditory aids sit inside a wearer’s canal, buying one specially made for you is important. Visit a trusted audiologist, complete your earmold impression, and get your hearing aids. 
  • Aesthetic: Most auditory aids are invisible and least noticeable, while a few of them are more noticeable than others. Look for different models and choose one that suits you. 
  • Battery: Primarily, invisible hearing aids use disposable hearing aid batteries. If you are looking for rechargeable options, it narrows down your search. 
  • Price: Undoubtedly, the invisible hearing aids price is higher than others. Still, try buying one that fits your budget. 

Pros and Cons of Invisible (IIC) Hearing Aids


  • Invisible hearing aids are very difficult to be noticeable in the ear. 
  • They make you feel comfortable even with the glasses or facemask, as they fit inside the ear canal and not behind the ears. 
  • You can use your mobile phone easily without feeling discomfort. 
  • Sitting inside the ear canal makes them less likely to pick up the surrounding noise. 


  • Very few and rare options of invisible hearing aids are available for severe hearing loss. 
  • Shorter battery life.
  • Many of them do not feature advanced technological features, such as Bluetooth and rechargeable batteries. 
  • They provide very less access to volume control. You need your phone to control the volume. 

5 Best Invisible Hearing Aids to Consider Buying in 2023

Starkey Evolv AI

Starkey is among the leading global manufacturers of hearing aids and has a long history of leadership in this line of business. Evolv AI is Starkey’s latest and complete line of hearing aids for all types of hearing loss. The custom-fitted invisible hearing aids are among the smallest on the market and provide the utmost comfort.

Evolv AI hearing devices are available in different models – Evolv AI 2400, 2000, 1600, 1200, and 100, and colors – Champagne, Sterling, Slate, Bronze, Black, Espresso, and White-Sterling. 

To control volume, you can use a dedicated Starkey app. Further, the battery needs to be changed after every 3 to 5 days. 

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  • One of the best among the smallest hearing aids for a noisy environment, as it provides a clear speech. 
  • Conducts the best on-demand AI audio analysis to adjust according to the listening environment and provide comfort and clarity. 
  • Direct Bluetooth connectivity works perfectly with iOS devices and 35+ Android devices with a small CIC style. 
  • Evolv AI provides rechargeable batteries for its in-the-ear (ITE), behind-the-ear (BTE), and receiver-in-canal (RIC) styles. 

Pricing: Starts from $2,179 for a pair

Signia Silk X

Signia’s Silk X are hearing aids that are invisible completely to people as they fit entirely inside your ear canal. They offer all the features that medical-grade auditory aids would provide. They are among the smallest hearing aids available. 

In addition, they come with the added advantage of no custom molding of your ears. This is a major benefit because most of the hearing aids require you to take earmold impressions so that they fit inside your ear perfectly. Hence, Signia Silk X is well-known for being “tailor-made without the wait.”

Signia provides a good range of tips called click sleeves that makes hearing aids ready to wear and easy for trial and return. It comes with a dedicated app, allowing full control over the volume, and it is a fully programmable device. If you are someone who doesn’t want custom mold, Signia Silk X is the one for you.

These auditory aids are available in different models – Silk 7X, 5X, 3X, 2X, and 1X, and two colors – Black and Mocha.


  • Among the smallest, mold-free hearing aids in the current market. 
  • Requires the size 10 disposable battery that lasts for 3 to 5 days. 
  • Audiologists can make customizations to your Signia Silk X hearing aids in person and remotely. 
  • Individuals with hearing loss in one ear can go with CROS, designed specifically for such conditions. 
  • Color coding is done to make it easier for the wearer to know which one to use on the left and right. 

Pricing: Starts from$1526

Phonak Virto Paradise Titanium IIC

Phonak is another worldwide leading manufacturer of hearing aids. The Virto Paradise Titanium IIC is one of the new products from a well-established and successful in-the-ear (ITE) line of hearing aids from Phonak, ideal for mild to severe hearing loss.

More interestingly, these auditory aids are made of titanium, which makes them unique, thinner than acrylic material and 15 times stronger than usual ones. They are available in four models – Virto Paradise 90, 70, 50, and 30, and 3 colors – Pink, Black, and Cocoa. 

Another fascinating feature these devices provide is Bluetooth connectivity. You can connect hearing devices to your iOS, Android, or any other Bluetooth-enabled device. 

One thing to know here is that due to such a small size, these new hearing aids from Phonak do not come with tap control. 


  • Enhancement in AutoSense OS for speech and dynamic noise reduction. 
  • The speech enhancer of Phonak is also included with the highest technology level (P90). 
  • Eighty-three hours of in-ear use without streaming. 
  • Wireless charging and Type-C charging are available with the case. 

Pricing: Starts from $3,477

Oticon Own

The Oticon Own is one of the smallest invisible-in-canal (IIC) manufactured by Oticon. It comes with Brainhearing technology, first launched eight years back, and an onboard Deep Neural Network. As a result, these hearing aids provide fantastic sound and reduce listening effort in people with mild to severe hearing loss. 

These auditory aids have a 90dB receiver, and the shell is custom-made to fit your ear shape. They come in 5 different models – Own 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, and 5 colors – Beige, Black, medium Brown, light Brown, and dark Brown. 

Moreover, the 360-degree microphone is capable of capturing 12 million real-life sound scenes. These sound scenes are used to train the deep neural network so that it can identify each type of sound. 


  • IP68 water-resistance rating for better durability.
  • Crystal clear speech clarity in noisy environments. 
  • Compatible with direct iPhone and Android devices audio streaming. 
  • The manufacturer provides Oticon Own mobile app and Remote Care App with this device. 

Price: Starts from $2,820


These are professional-grade, virtually invisible, and rechargeable hearing aids from Eargo, one of the leading American hearing aid manufacturers. The company strives to provide discreet design, rechargeable batteries with all-day power, lifetime support, and personalization via a mobile app with their wide range of hearing devices. 

Neo HiFi is Eargo’s invisible line of hearing aids. They are incredibly small and provide rich and clear sound with smart feedback cancelation, allowing you to have clear conversations. These are FDA-Registered Class II Exempt hearing aids providing lifetime remote support from hearing health professionals. 


  • Come with a mobile app to allow you do easy adjustments and access environmental profiles. 
  • You can switch between 4 sound profiles with just a single tap. 
  • As they are rechargeable, they come with a charging cradle. 

Price: Starts from $2,950 for the latest models

Best Invisible Hearing Aid Summary

These were some of the best invisible hearing aids that you can consider buying in 2023. So if you have mild to moderate hearing loss, it is advisable to use invisible hearing aids. All the options mentioned above are virtually invisible while allowing you to have high-quality sound and the utmost comfort. 

However, remember that these auditory aids are expensive. Also, make sure you take insurance while buying invisible hearing aids. Always keep them somewhere safe when not in use so you don’t lose them. 

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