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Hearing & Brain Health

- Startling Links Between Untreated Hearing Loss and Cognitive Decline
 Author: Andrew Campbell  Category:  Publisher: Hearing and Brain Health Academy  Published: June 14, 2022  ISBN: 0645259861  ISBN-13: 978-0645259865  Pages: 126  Language: English  Dimension: 5.5 x 0.29 x 8.5 inches  Buy Now

The Lancet Journal has identified hearing loss as the #1 modifiable factor for the prevention of dementia. ‘Modifiable’ meaning there is something you can do about it. More than just a minor nuisance, research shows that untreated hearing loss is linked with an increased dementia risk of between 200 to 500 percent. Hearing and Brain Health explores the physical and mental impact associated with untreated hearing loss, and how to overcome the common barriers to addressing it – and why it’s crucial that you do. “Andrew exudes a quiet confidence, warmth and expertise to both audiences and clients when he discusses the impact of untreated hearing loss on brain health; he is at the forefront of all the latest research on the area and the latest hearing device technology. As an independent, internationally regarded master of audiology, I trust his advice implicitly.” Brian James “Luckily for me I heard a family friend singing Andrew’s praises about his success in relation to hearing loss, so I contacted his clinic for an appointment. I can now say it was the best decision I could have made. My advice to anyone who has hearing loss is to contact an audiology professional. As for me, I was so lucky to have found Andrew Campbell. He and his team are definitely the professionals in this field, and it is with great confidence that I recommend him and his team.” Judith Cush “We heard that Andrew was an independent audiologist and therefore free to prescribe whatever he thinks is suitable for each of his patients. The whole experience has been a revelation. Andrew quickly determined my hearing issues during that first appointment, and recommended very neat and discreet hearing aids. They were life-enhancing right from the start. I would recommend Andrew without hesitation as a caring, extremely knowledgeable professional who works with you to obtain the best results possible.” Gary James