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The Tinnitus Book: Understanding Tinnitus and How to Find Relief

 Author: James A. Henry  Category:  Publisher: Ears Gone Wrong¿  Published: December 8, 2023  ISBN: 9781962629041  ISBN-13: 196262904X  Pages: 234  Language: English  Buy Now

This book is a resource for anyone who experiences tinnitus. Tinnitus impacts the lives of 10% to 15% of all adults. Those seeking help for tinnitus are at a disadvantage because there are no standards to ensure competent clinical services. They may receive services or products that are not supported by science-wasting valuable time and money. The Tinnitus Book guides you to understand tinnitus and how to find relief. Backed by over three decades of extensive research experience, Dr. James Henry provides answers to your questions and describes credible methods of treatment that are supported by years of research and clinical implementation. In this book, you will learn: What tinnitus is, how and why it affects people, and how to find relief. How to distinguish tinnitus problems from hearing problems. Methods of tinnitus treatment with the strongest evidence for effectiveness. How to start with lower levels of treatment and progress to higher levels if necessary. How to knowledgeably interact with healthcare professionals concerning tinnitus. This is a unique and comprehensive book written by a long-time tinnitus researcher who has no conflicts of interest and no agenda other than to provide accurate information about tinnitus and its treatment.