Is the high upfront cost of hearing aids holding you back from purchasing and even considering them? No worries! The hearing aid subscription is here to rescue you from your financial problem.

The major drawback of traditional hearing aids is the upfront cost. What pops up first when you go to buy hearing aids is the price tag with high cost. Over the years, the price of hearing aids has increased higher and higher. As a result, many people even avoid considering them despite a high degree of hearing loss. 

Fortunately, there is an option to avoid spending a hefty amount on buying hearing aids – subscription hearing aids. 

We all are very familiar with the subscription model, as we follow the same for many entertainment services. We pay charges either monthly, semi-annually, or annually. The same applies to hearing aids. Instead of paying the hearing aid cost in one go, the hearing aid subscription model allows you to access the product by paying a monthly, recurring fee. 

This article discusses the benefits of the hearing aid subscription models over traditional ones. Its main motive is to enlighten people on the fact that they have access to affordable hearing aid options for better hearing. 

What are Subscription Hearing Aids? 

A subscription hearing aid model involves accessing auditory aids by paying a monthly fee to the hearing aid provider. It eliminates the need to pay an entire high upfront cost at once. The fees cover monthly aids and other benefits, such as maintenance, support, accessories, hardware and software upgrades, and loss and damage protection. 

More interestingly, you can even cancel the subscription anytime. However, some providers may apply constraints or penalties for canceling the hearing aid subscription. 

Some providers may require you to visit them for hearing aid fitting. In case of remote fitting, you may be required to provide the hearing test result or go through an online hearing screening.  

In a nutshell, a hearing aid subscription model is an affordable option to access hearing aids without paying a large sum in one go. In addition, it lets you access new models equipped with the latest technology every 18 to 24 months. 

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Top Benefits of Hearing Aid Subscription Models

Now that you know what a hearing aid subscription model is. Let me now throw light on the benefits of using the hearing aid subscription models. 

Cost-Effective Solution

No doubt, subscription hearing aids are a cost-effective solution. Instead of paying a high amount right away, the subscription model requires users to pay a fixed monthly fee to use hearing aids. This has made it possible and hassle-free for individuals with financial challenges to access and use hearing aids with cutting-edge technology effortlessly. 

  • All-Inclusive Pricing 

The monthly fee not only includes the hearing aid cost but also the cost of many other services, including maintenance, hardware and software upgrades, damage or loss protection, and round-the-clock support. Hence, you do not have to worry about additional expenses besides the actual hearing aid cost

  • Regular Maintenance 

When you opt for the subscription model, it often includes regular maintenance service to ensure that your hearing aids are in good condition. Regular checking and cleaning of auditory aids ensures correct functioning and increases their lifespan. 

In contrast, you need to spend extra dimes for maintenance in the case of traditional hearing aids. 

  • Contemporary Upgrades 

With the hearing aid subscription model, it is possible to replace hearing aids with new ones. Hence, you can access the latest hearing aid models as soon as they are available. This is the most prominent benefit for individuals who like using the latest devices on the market. 

Examples: Eargo, Audicus, Lexie, and Yes Hearing are popular providers who offer hearing aid subscription plans. 

Flexibility and Convenience

Subscription hearing aids ensure flexibility and convenience to hearing aid ownership. If you are not certain about purchasing hearing aids, opt for the subscription model that prevents you from paying the upfront cost. This allows you to verify whether hearing aid models meet your hearing needs and make a wise decision. 

When it comes to convenience, subscription hearing aids offer multiple plans to choose from. You can adjust the plan according to your hearing needs. If your hearing loss progresses, you can easily upgrade to advanced auditory aids with a minimal increase in the monthly fee. This ensures that you get the best and most advanced aids that ultimately improve your quality of hearing and life. 

With no long-time commitment to a single hearing aid model, the subscription model ensures the utmost flexibility and convenience. 

Low Financial Risk

Hearing aid subscription models lower financial risk by preventing you from spending too much in one go. If you don’t like the quality of hearing aids, you can cancel the subscription or change the model. You have the flexibility to choose the desired model or one that entirely aligns with your hearing needs. 

However, this is not the case with traditional auditory aids. They cost thousands of dollars for a single pair. 

You buy traditional hearing aids by investing the entire amount outright. When you start using them and discover they do not meet your expectations or provide discomfort, you eventually experience a significant financial loss. 

What Does a Hearing Aid Subscription Include? 

A typical hearing aid subscription includes the following services: 

  • Hearing Aids: You receive actual hearing aids in a subscription plan. 
  • Professional Services: The plan provides access to professional services, including hearing tests, fitting, adjustment, maintenance, repairs, and regular check-ups from an experienced audiologist.  
  • Maintenance and Repairs: The monthly subscription fee also includes regular maintenance, which includes cleaning, fine-tuning, and replacing any components in case of damage to avoid the malfunctioning of hearing aids. 
  • Support: Almost all subscription-based hearing aid providers offer assistance in adjusting your hearing aids; some of them offer remote assistance via a smartphone app. 
  • Upgrades: Subscriptions include the flexibility to upgrade to advanced hearing aid models as and when required. 

The hearing aid subscription cost varies depending on the provider, additional services offered, and the type of technology utilized. The monthly fees range between $100 to $200 and cover all the aspects mentioned above. In addition, it may include accessories, such as rechargeable batteries and remote controls. 

Accessible to a Wider Audience

The financial flexibility of subscription-based auditory aids make it accessible to a wide range of audience. Monthly payments make it easy for people with varying income levels to access high-cost hearing aids, lowering the financial burden and making auditory aids affordable. 

This wide accessibility improves auditory wellness and overall quality of life. Untreated hearing loss can lead to isolation, stigma, communication difficulties, and reduced cognitive function. The affordability of hearing aid subscription models addresses these issues and helps people take control of their lives.  

Improved hearing can result in: 

  • Enhanced social and emotional well-being
  • Reduced stigma
  • Improved cognitive function
  • Increased social interaction

In a nutshell, subscription auditory aids serve as an affordable solution to high-quality hearing. Individuals from varying financial backgrounds can avail of those auditory aids effortlessly. 

Continuous Care and Support

Continuous assistance and support are the key to well-functioning hearing aids. They require ongoing assistance and consistent care throughout their lifecycle. 

The following are some support and maintenance services offered by subscription models: 

  • Regular Check-ups: You get regular appointments with highly qualified hearing healthcare professionals who can assess your hearing loss degree and monitor the performance of auditory aids.   
  • Cleaning and Maintenance: Regular cleaning and fine-tuning help increase the longevity of your hearing devices. The subscription model offers the service of maintenance and adjustments. Adjusting hearing aids according to your comfort and hearing needs helps you get the out-of-the-box hearing experience. 
  • Protection Against Loss and Damage: If you lose your auditory devices or you get them damaged, the subscription model helps you with replacement and repair. Hence, you do not have to put the burden on your packets, as the cost of replacement and repair is all-inclusive in a plan.  
  • Professional Guidance: You can receive on-the-go guidance from qualified hearing healthcare professionals. They can answer all your queries and recommend the right care for the optimal performance of devices. 

In addition to the improved performance of hearing aids, the subscription mode ensures maximum user satisfaction by offering an exceptional experience.  

3 Best Hearing Aid Subscription Models 

1. Audicus Premier Hearing Aid Subscription

Audicus, one of the leading hearing aid providers, offers sophisticated subscription hearing aids at $99 per month. Its premier service provides an out-of-the-box hearing experience with hearing aids equipped with revolutionary technology. 


  • Complementary upgrades to hearing aid models after every 18 months. 
  • The Premier plan includes the latest hearing aids, insurance, supplies, and premium services. 
  • In addition to Mini and Wave models, choose from Spirit 2 or Omni 2 series. 
  • Comprehensive loss and damage insurance.
  • Dedicated support from hearing aid specialists. 
  • Regular delivery of supplies. 
  • Unlimited warranty and cleaning. 

Premier members can cancel their membership at any time without any penalties and constraints. 

The one-time set-up fee after signing up for Audicus Premier is $249. This fee includes proper programming, customization, and shipping of hearing aids. 

Audicus also offers a money-back guarantee after a 45-day period of use. 

2. Lexie Hearing Hearing Aid Subscription

Lexie Hearing stands out from others due to its low monthly fees as well as one-time purchase costs. The cost of the subscription model starts from as little as $42/month for 24 months, and the one-time cost starts from $799. 

Here are Lexie Hearing models and their subscription plans for 24 months: 

  • Lexie Lumen: $49/month
  • Lexie B1: $47/month
  • Lexie B2: $42/month

All these models are self-fitting OTC hearing aids. They are ideal for mild to moderate hearing loss. 

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  • Care and protection plans. 
  • A personal, dedicated expert is available anytime. 
  • Assistance in remote adjustments
  • Offers a Lexie app to help non-tech-savvy people.

Lexie Hearing provides a 45-day, risk-free trial. 

3. Eargo Hearing Aid Subscription

Hearing aids from Eargo are designed to be user-friendly, rechargeable, and virtually invisible. The financing option makes it affordable for people to access and purchase Eargo auditory devices. 

Eargo’s subscription model starts from as low as $82/month for over 36 months for 0% APR. However, APR varies depending on the loan amount, credit qualification, and term. The best feature is that Eargo does not apply any penalty on prepayment. 


  • No down payment. 
  • Interest-free financing. 
  • Flexible terms. 
  • Online application. 
  • Quick Approval. 
  • Support and guidance. 
  • Regular maintenance and adjustments. 
  • Access to healthcare professionals at fingertips. 
  • Hearing screener.

Eargo offers a 45-day money-back guarantee. 

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Hearing Aid Subscription Takeaway

Hearing aid subscription models are among the most affordable solutions to buying expensive auditory devices wherein you need to pay a monthly fee instead of a hefty upfront cost. 

They provide the flexibility to choose an affordable plan, upgrade hearing aids to the latest model, and cancel the subscription plan at any time. In addition, subscription models lower financial risk, as you can cancel the subscription if you don’t like hearing aids. 

Being an affordable option, the subscription model has made it possible for individuals of various financial backgrounds to avail of hearing aids and improve their quality of hearing. Moreover, you get regular maintenance and continuous support. 

However, before choosing any hearing aid subscription model, I recommend you consult a hearing healthcare specialist to help you choose a better model. 

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