Did you know that the World Health Organization (WHO) has estimated that around 2.5 billion people across the world are projected to have some degree of hearing loss? Even today, millions of people live with hearing loss. 

Though hearing loss has become prevalent, many people are not aware of it or do not know the exact condition they are suffering from. This is where the role of hearing loss blogs comes into play. 

Hearing loss blogs are online platforms or websites that aim to provide in-depth information, support, and resources associated with hearing loss. They assist people with hearing impairment gain profound knowledge about their hearing conditions. Additionally, these blogs serve as a community for people with hearing disabilities where they can find valuable insights and stay atop the latest advancements in the field of audiology.  

In this article, we aim to provide a comprehensive list of hearing loss blogs that provide information, support, and a sense of community to people with hearing impairment. 

Understanding Hearing Loss Blogs

hearing loss blogs

Hearing loss blogs are websites or online platforms, covering vast information related to hearing loss, that serve as a sea of knowledge for people with hearing impairment. These blogs can provide information on a specific hearing loss condition, personal experiences, cutting-edge technological advances, expert advice, or tips and tricks on managing a particular condition. 

Generally, hearing loss blogs are created by hearing healthcare professionals or people who have experienced hearing loss. Hearing healthcare professionals share profound information, effective tips and tricks, expert advice, and the latest developments. On the other hand, people who have experienced hearing loss share their personal experiences in coping with their conditions. 

Topics Covered by Hearing Loss Blogs

The following are some topics hearing loss blogs cover: 

  • Personal Experiences: Many bloggers share their personal stories of how they have gone through hearing loss conditions. They share the challenges faced, strategies followed to cope with the condition, and how they accepted the condition. 
  • Expert Advice and Interviews: Some blogs cover advice and interviews from audiologists and other hearing healthcare professionals. They shed light on the technological aspects of hearing loss. 
  • Communication Tips: As people with hearing impairment struggle with clear communication, some blogs aim to provide tips and tricks that help them communicate effectively. These tips and tricks may be beneficial for those with hearing difficulty and other individuals communicating with them. 
  • Information on Hearing Aids and Assistive Technology: It is apparent that hearing loss blogs cover information on hearing aids, cochlear implants, and other hearing devices that are helpful for people with hearing loss. These blogs assist them in making the right choices by providing product reviews and other considerable factors. 
  • Advocacy and Awareness Initiatives: Some blogs primarily focus on advocacy and awareness campaigns with the aim of making people aware of different hearing loss conditions. 
  • Research and Medical Advances: Blogs focusing on research and medical advances offer valuable insights into ongoing research in the field and advancements in treatment that can benefit people suffering from hearing loss. 

Benefits of Reading Hearing Loss Blogs

hearing loss blogs

Here are the remarkable advantages of hearing loss blogs: 

A Sense of Belonging

People with hearing loss generally isolate themselves and struggle to participate in social gatherings. However, hearing loss blogs create a sense of belonging, as many share their personal experiences of hearing loss. 

Connecting with Others who Suffer Hearing Loss

Hearing loss blogs serve as platforms to communicate with people suffering from the same condition. Many websites allow engagement through the comment section or community forums. Here, people can share their ways of managing the condition, challenges faced, and best recommendations. 

Gaining Knowledge about Assistive Devices

Here, assistive devices are electronic gadgets that aim to improve speech clarity for people with hearing impairment. These devices include hearing aids, cochlear implants, captioning apps, earplugs, amplifiers, etc. 

Blogs focusing on assistive devices provide knowledge on different products, their features, and real-world experiences. Also, they help people make informed choices by offering the best recommendations.  

Learning Coping Strategies

Many times, a real-life experience of others can help you manage your condition. Blogs that share coping strategies are curated by individuals who have gone through a particular condition. These personal stories can inspire many people and help them restore confidence. 

Staying Informed about the Latest Advancements in the Field

The field of audiology is progressing and evolving at a greater pace. Many new devices and new treatment techniques are emerging. Hearing loss blogs also shed light on the latest developments, research, and medical advances, helping people with hearing loss stay up to date. 

Spotlight on Influential Hearing Loss Bloggers

Here are some of the most popular and influential hearing loss bloggers: 

hearing loss blogs

Shari Eberts is a hearing health advocate and an enthusiastic author and speaker on hearing loss issues. Besides, she goes for webinars and podcast interviews to discuss and share insights into tinnitus, hearing loss, aging, and person-centered care and health. 

Her blog, Living With Hearing, shares her personal experience of hearing loss with the aim of empowering other people. Currently, she is living with an adult-onset genetic hearing loss. 

In her blog, Shari shares her own story, hearing loss tips and tricks, hearing loss facts, measures to prevent hearing loss, and information on hearing aids and personal-centered care. Her primary aim is to make people with hearing loss live comfortably. 

hearing loss blogs

Katherine Bouton is an advocate and educator for the deaf and heard of hearing. She is a frequent speaker on hearing loss who addresses both professional and hearing loss groups. In addition, she is the president of the Hearing Loss Association of America’s (HLAA) New York City Chapter. 

Her blog, Smart Hearing, serves as a great resource that teaches people how to live with hearing loss. She talks about the evolving world of hearing devices, including over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids, cochlear implants, and other assistive devices. 

hearing loss blogs

The Mind Hears is a blog by and for the deaf and hard-of-hearing (HoH) academics. It is written by and for academics at all career stages with some degree of hearing loss. 

The primary goals of this hearing loss blog are: 

  • Sharing strategies for thriving in academia in hearing loss.
  • Create a network of deaf/HoH academics who promote communication-inclusive strategies for academic institutions. 
  • Provide a forum to crowd-source methods of minimizing our challenges. 

Through this blog, the team has the vision to reach out to the deaf and hard-of-hearing academics across the globe, reduce isolation, and build a community toolbox of resources and ideas. It is home to all those people who want to share and learn the challenges arising while working in hearing-dominated environments, tools to facilitate communication and new ideas and tips for managing hearing loss. 

hearing loss blogs

This blog by the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) shares information on a variety of topics related to hearing loss and hearing health. HLAA is the nation’s leading charitable organization that provides tools to people with hearing loss and creates a sense of belonging. Its mission is to facilitate communication for people with hearing loss by providing information, resources, support, and advocacy. 

hearing loss blogs

Hearing Health Blog is a blog section by the Hearing Wellness Center that shares articles covering topics on hearing aids, hearing loss, hearing health, hearing tests, and much more. 

The Hearing Wellness Center provides exceptional hearing healthcare services to people who are diagnosed with mild to profound hearing loss. It also aims to educate people on hearing health and communication needs. 

Lisa Macari is the founder of the Hearing Wellness Center and the chief audiologist. She founded this center as a result of an experience with her grandmother’s hearing impairment, which caused her to experience social isolation. Erica Rivard is a Hearing Instrument Dispenser (HID) at the center. 

Hear Me Out! [CC] is a blog by Ahmed Khalifa intended for people with hearing loss to learn how to connect and engage with deaf people. He makes people aware of deafness and educates them on hearing aids, sign language, hearing health, and lifestyle. Plus, this blog celebrates individual identities suffering from hearing loss by sharing their own experiences. 

Since birth, Ahmed Khalifa has lived as a deaf/hard-of-hearing, which he always considered a burden. However, he started embracing his situation and challenging the barriers. Further, he started sharing his own experiences to help others like him, with the aim of raising deaf awareness. 

hearing loss blogs

Carly is a transformational coach for people with hearing loss and a freelance writer. She experienced sudden sensorineural hearing loss and started the blog to inform her family and friends about the progress. However, her blog is intended for anyone who is going through the same condition, as it helps them know how to deal with challenges. 

hearing loss blogs

Shanna Groves, who also calls herself a lipreading mom, suffers from progressive hearing loss, which is similar to being deaf. She is a mom to 3 and communicates with them with the help of lip reading. Through her blog, she shares candid experiences about her life with hearing loss. 


Hearing loss blogs serve as support and comprehensive resources for individuals struggling with hearing impairments. Generally, people with hearing difficulties often choose isolation and avoid social gatherings. Hearing loss blogs create a sense of belonging to these people and encourage them to connect with others through comments or forums, helping them socialize virtually. 

These blogs provide a wealth of information, personal stories, expert advice, product recommendations, and coping strategies associated with hearing loss. 

So, if you are suffering from a specific hearing loss condition, we recommend you to read blogs from people who have the same condition. This may help you accept your condition, offer effective coping tips, and combat challenges. 

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