Are you struggling with earwax blockage? Do you frequently use cotton buds or any other pointed items in your ears to clean earwax? If yes, you must stop doing it because this pushes the ear wax deeper into the ears, which may result in serious damage to the lining of your ear canal or eardrum. 

For those who are not familiar with the term’ earwax,’ it is a waxy substance found inside the ears of humans and other mammals. Also known as cerumen, earwax is produced by the hair follicles and glands inside the ear canal. It protects your ears from germs and bacteria. 

However, earwax in excess amounts can create serious ear issues. Hence, it is important to remove it with a proper method and not by inserting ear picks, hairpins, or cotton buds. This is where the role of Wush Ear Cleaner comes into play. 

Recently, I have found this device, Wush Ear Cleaner, with an overwhelming number of positive reviews to help remove earwax effectively at home. So, my primary objective in writing this article is to make you all aware of this device’s purpose, features, and benefits.

Also, I will share a step-by-step guide on how to use this ear cleaner. Let’s go!

What is the Wush Ear Cleaner? 

wush ear cleaner

The Wush ear cleaner by BlackWolf, is a handheld tool that provides a new and effective way to clean your ears. It leverages a massaging triple jet stream to flush out the ears using irrigation and remove wax build-up effectively.  

Key Features 

The following are the remarkable features of the Wush ear cleaner: 

  • Safe Ear Wax Removal: Unlike traditional methods used for removing ear wax, the Wush ear cleaner provides an effective and safe method. It is a rechargeable, water-powered ear cleaner that comes with one ear irrigator, one water basin, six tips, and a USB charging cord. 
  • Doctor Recommended: This ear cleaner uses a massaging triple water stream to flush the ears and rinse out ear wax safely and effectively. On the other hand, using cotton swabs or Q-tips pushes ear wax deep inside the ears. 
  • Three Pressure Settings: The Wush ear cleaner provides three pressure settings for different uses, from gentle cleaning to ear wax removal. The pressure setting determines the pressure of water inside your ears.
  • Easy to Use and Store: This ear cleaner is easy to use and is water resistant. It is compact and resembles an electric toothbrush. 
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The Advantages of Wush Ear Cleaner

wush ear cleaner

Let us now shed light on some potential advantages of the Wush ear cleaner. 

  • Easy and safe to use: The Wush ear cleaner is easy and safe to use, unlike traditional methods used to remove the wax build-up. It comes with easy-to-understand instructions for setup and use. Additionally, the setup is very straightforward, and the functions are easy to use. 
  • Efficient removal of earwax and debris: This ear cleaner does not require you to make any special efforts to remove earwax and debris. Simply follow the instructions and allow the cleaner to do its job efficiently. It leverages a massaging stream of water to remove earwax build-up gently and thoroughly. 
  • Gentle on the ears, minimizing discomfort: You do not experience any pain or discomfort while using the Wush ear cleaner. It directs water to the wall of the ear canals to loosen and remove the earwax. 
  • Reduces the risk of ear infections and other related issues: Using cotton swabs or Q-tips increases the risk of ear infections and other ear-related issues, as they push the earwax deep inside the ears. This is not the case with the ear cleaner, as it loosens the earwax first and then removes it with a stream of warm water. 
  • Quiet Operation: This ear cleaner does not make any loud noises while it is under use. It operates at a moderate volume without creating any discomfort to users. 
  • Convenient and Time-Saving: The ear cleaner saves your time visiting a doctor, as you can conveniently eliminate the earwax build-up at home.
wush ear cleaner

Comparisons with Traditional Ear Cleaning Methods

Traditional ear-cleaning methods, such as cotton swabs, sharp objects, ear drops, or peroxide, ear candling, are not as effective as using the ear cleaner to remove earwax build-up. They can sometimes be harmful and lead to severe complications. The reason is that these methods may sometimes lead to ear infections, damage to the ear canal, or potential blockages in the ear. 

The following are some popular traditional ear-cleaning methods that may not be safe: 

wush ear cleaner
  • Cotton Swabs

    Inserting cotton swabs into the ear canal is among the most traditional and oldest methods for ear cleaning. However, it pushes the earwax deep inside the ear canal, causing potential damage to delicate structures of the ear. This may result in potential ear injury or irritation. 
  • Ear Drops

    Using ear drops to remove earwax without any prescription or professional guidance can be dangerous. Overuse of ear drops can soften earwax to a great extent, leading to potential ear infections. 
  • Ear Candling

    Ear candling is generally an unsafe method of removing earwax or impurities from the ears. It involves inserting a lit candle into the ear canal to create a vacuum and pull out the earwax. This method is not scientifically proven and can lead to earburn, ear canal obstruction, and wax drippings. 
  • Sharp Objects

    Inserting sharp objects to clean your ears can potentially damage the delicate structures of your ears. This may even result in bleeding or ear infections. 
  • DIY Ear Irrigation

    Many ear irrigation kits that help remove wax build-up at home are available online. However, ear irrigation kits can significantly damage your eardrums if used incorrectly with unregulated water pressure.  

Why is Wush Ear Cleaner More Effective than Traditional Ear-Cleaning Methods? 

Here is why the Wush ear cleaner is a more effective and safer solution for earwax removal compared to the above traditional ear-cleaning methods: 

  • Safe and controlled cleaning does not involve pushing earwax inside the ear canals.
  • Efficient earwax removal using a massaging stream of warm water to soften the earwax and flush it out gently. 
  • The three pressure settings ensure no discomfort, blockage, or ear pain.
  • There is no risk of ear infections, unlike cotton swabs or other sharp tools, which can introduce bacteria into the ears. 

How to Use a Wush Ear Cleaner?

wush ear cleaner

Wush ear cleaner comes with a foldable nozzle, which connects to a soft, antimicrobial irrigation tip that fits comfortably in your ears. Plus, it has a small space called a basin that holds water. It provides six soft silicone reusable tips so that anyone in your family can use the device. 

You can choose from three pressure settings intended for different uses, from gentle cleaning to wax removal. The first and second pressure settings are intended for regular ear cleaning, and the third is meant for earwax removal. 

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use this tool: 

  • Fill in the warm water in the water basin.
  • Attach the irrigation tip to the foldable nozzle. 
  • Choose the pressure setting.
  • Insert the irrigation tip inside your ears. 
  • Turn on the device, and it does its job automatically.

Note: Use warm water or one at room temperature. Using cold water can cause dizziness.

Professional and User Reviews

Many people find the Wush ear cleaner extremely helpful. If you search for the product on Amazon, you can find a lot of positive Wush ear cleaner reviews. It has a 4.1 rating out of 5, where 61% of the total respondents rated it a 5-star. 

The following are some real user testimonials and feedback on the product: 

The ultimate solution for safe and effective ear cleaning .

Great product, even better customer support.

A great way to clean your ears.

The best thing ever for cleaning out ears safely and comfortably

Buy This… You won’t be disappointed!

On the other hand, a few people found that the water basin was too small, and a few others reported that their Wush ear cleaner stopped working after a few months. 


The Wush ear cleaner is a safe and effective solution for gently removing earwax at home without causing any discomfort. It is a doctor-recommended product, which is convenient and generally saves significant time visiting a doctor for earwax removal. The triple massaging stream of water gently flushes out wax build-up rather than pushing it deep inside the ear canals that most traditional ear-cleaning methods do. 

This amazing product has drawn the attention of millions and is overwhelmed with positive reviews. However, it is important to handle this device with care. Don’t be over-excited to use the device. Ensure that you read the instructions carefully and follow them sequentially to avoid any kind of damage to your ears. 

If you have any underlying ear-related issues, it is always better to consult your physician before using this product and others alike such as the OtoSet ear cleaning system. Besides, the Wush ear cleaner is a game-changer for individuals who experience earwax build-up frequently and wish to remove it conveniently at home.  If you’d like to know about other ways to remove earwax build-up, you can check out this next article: “How To Massage Ear Wax Out: An Easy 5 Step Guide“.


1. Is Wush safe for ears? 

Yes, Wush is generally safe for ears, as it generates a massaging triple jet stream of water to soften the earwax and flush it out gently. It does not push the earwax deep inside the ears, causing ear infections. 

2. How much is a Wush ear cleaner? 

The Wush ear cleaner is available at $69. 

3. Does Wush really work? 

Yes, Wush works effectively to remove the earwax build-up using a massaging triple water stream. 

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