Importance Of Finding The Right Hearing Aid

Find your perfect hearing aid with this Zip Hearing review. Choosing the right hearing aid can significantly impact your hearing health. These days, given the multiple options offered in the market, many people find this experience quite overwhelming and need guidance during their journey. However, once you have found the perfect hearing aid, it will be a total game-changer for not only enhancing your hearing but also improving your overall quality of life. This will be a huge step towards integrating back into society, reconnecting with your loved ones, and making your day-to-day life easier.

Overview of Zip Hearing

zip hearing review

ZipHearing company was founded by Jeff Hall in 2014 to support people with hearing impairment. He was inspired by his father’s career as an accomplished audiologist. The company aims to make peoples’ experience of getting hearing devices less stressful, more straightforward, and perhaps enjoyable. 

ZipHearing is an authorized online hearing aid retailer that works in collaboration with six global hearing aid manufacturers. Its activity is coordinated with local clinics in the network, as ZipHearing values the importance of face-to-face care when it comes to finding the perfect device for each individual. Thus, there are about 600 local hearing health centers in its network, which covers about 95% of Americans who have a provider within nine miles of their residence. This in-person care is not only limited to getting the device but also includes follow-up care during the first year.

ZipHearing offers affordable and competitive prices that are 37% lower compared to the national averages. Additionally, your purchase is safe with this company, as it comes with a full refund during the first 45 days.

In this article, we will do a thorough ZipHearing review. Through detailed research, we will get insights into selecting hearing aids with the help of this online retailer that successfully provided hearing devices and care to over 10,000 customers, and these figures are sustainably increasing.

How Does ZipHearing Work?

ZipHearing is committed to simplifying the process of hearing aid selection. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to get your ZipHearing aid.

  • You can begin by calling ZipHearing at 866-897-4529. Alternatively, you can fill in a form and receive a call afterward. On the first call, based on your location, you will be given contact details on the local providers from the ZipHearing network. 
  • You will contact your local clinic and make an appointment with the hearing care provider. 
  • During the consultation, the audiologist will conduct a hearing test to diagnose the degree and type of your hearing loss. Based on the findings, they will suggest what hearing aid will best suit you. 
  • Once you decide that you want to go with ZipHearing aids, you can submit an order with them.
  • Afterward, you will receive a call from the ZipHearing company within two hours to talk about payment details regarding your purchase. You can discuss any additional questions you have, such as how to file an insurance claim. 
  • Your hearing device will be shipped to your local provider’s office within about three business days.
  • You will pay an additional visit to the local clinic to receive your ZipHearing aid. During the appointment, the hearing health specialist will conduct a fitting to custom-program the product to match your specific hearing profile. You will also get help in setting up a Bluetooth connection for the device. Sometimes, fitting may require additional appointments with the provider. 
  • There is a 45-day trial period. If you are unsatisfied with your hearing aid, you will get a 100% refund by returning it to the local provider’s office. 


Overview of’s Platform

You can start your ZipHearing review by visiting this website: This is a customer-friendly platform whose primary purpose is to navigate people throughout the process. The website contains all the necessary information related to your purchase, starting from how to begin your journey. 

User-friendly Features And Interface

The interface and the features are quite user-friendly, and you can easily find what you need. You will find a short video that provides the main instructions for the process. Then, you can see detailed descriptions of the different characteristics of each type of hearing aid.

Benefits Of Using For Purchasing Hearing Aids

Here are some benefits of ZipHearing that you can consider before making purchase commitments:

  • Excellent customer service
  • A variety of hearing aid brands and models as a result of partnership with trusted hearing aid manufacturers
  • In-person hearing tests and hearing aid fitting due to an extensive network of professional local providers
  • One year of free follow-up care by your local hearing health specialist and a guaranteed upfront price for further appointments after the first year 
  • Opportunity to switch local providers either within the ZipHearing network or outside of the network
  •  A 100% same-day refund during the 45-day trial period
  • Saving up to 50% when in comparison to retail prices
  •  User-friendly platform
  • Possibility of buying a single hearing aid
  • Availability of custom-mold products

Finding the Right Hearing Aid on

zip hearing widex hearing aids
Image Credit: ZipHearing

Step-by-step Guide To Searching For Hearing Aids

Even though you will get extensive support from your local provider when it comes to selecting the right hearing aid, you will still benefit from initial research on your own. Next, in this ZipHearing review, we will go through the steps of a perfect hearing aid search to help your journey. 

There are several factors that you need to consider before a purchase. Many of these factors are managed by ZipHearing, such as finding eligible local hearing health specialists to make an appointment for conducting hearing tests. This way, the audiologist will diagnose your hearing loss and consult you on specific types of hearing devices well-suited for your hearing needs.

Patient factors are following that need to be taken into account. There are patients’ preferences related to hearing aid style and features, lifestyle, cosmetic concerns, and finances that play a crucial role in this process. Many customers highlight the importance of the device brand and model and the manufacturing company’s legitimacy. Others might be more self-aware of cosmetic aspects of the hearing aid, whether it is visible, whether inside the ear or behind the ear. 

Filtering Options To Refine Search Results

ZipHearing platform has created a filtering system; therefore, the customers can efficiently operate on the website. There are numerous filtering options available. You can start by selecting the brand. The company offers six leading manufacturers in the hearing aid industry: Phonak, Oticon, Signis, Starkey, Widex, and ReSound. Different models of these brands are displayed with detailed descriptions, including various features, customer reviews, prices, and pros and cons. You can also find the bestsellers there.

Understanding Product Specifications And Features

Afterward, you can study other significant aspects of hearing aids. The style of the device is an important asset that people value. ZipHearing aids are presented in six different styles: Receiver-In-Canal (RIC), Completely-In-Canal (CIC), In-The-Canal (ITC), Invisible (IIV), Behind-The-Ear (BTE), and In-The-Canal (ITE). According to the website, RIC is the most popular style, as it is purchased by 90% of ZipHearing customers. Again, here, you will see information on a particular style suitable for specific situations. 

Advancements in modern technology have led to the creation of high-quality hearing aids with more features. There are some essential features that must be in every device and some additional ones which are optional. The first essential feature is the “program,” which functions to accommodate the background noise in accordance with the environment. It can be changed either manually or automatically. “Channels” are the next must-have features that are designed to process different frequency sounds. “Bands,” also known as “handles,” control volume at a specific frequency.

Then, there is “feedback cancellation,” which eliminates the high-pitched whistling sound coming from the device. The last essential feature is “noise reduction,” which aims to recognize and turn noise down. The “non-essentials” are additional features that enhance hearing aid functions. For some patients, they might be essential. These features are rechargeability, Bluetooth, and other various accessories. All these features can significantly affect the patient’s experience, satisfaction, and the device’s price.

Another characteristic of the hearing aid is its technology level, which stands for the quality or performance level. It’s the major factor that defines the price. ZipHearing aids have five levels: Premium, Advanced, Mid, Low, and Economy. Almost two-thirds of the customers prefer the premium hearing aid, while 24% choose advanced devices.

What’s Included When You Purchase Hearing Aids From ZipHearing?

The main goal of ZipHearing is not only selling products. The company aims to find the best device to match your hearing loss and individual preferences. Thus, your purchase comes with a package of services, including a face-to-face hearing aid fitting, in-person follow-up care within the first year of your purchase, supplies for device cleaning and maintenance, a charger or battery supplies for one year, a warranty ranging from one to four years on free repair and also a deductible of $350 per hearing device in case of losing or damaging it. Additionally, you will receive a 45-day trial period with a full same-day money-back guarantee. Custom earmolds and accessories are not covered. 

In regard to your hearing test, it is excluded from your purchase. The cost of the test can be up to $150. Nonetheless, if you decide to get a ZipHearing aid, the hearing test cost will be discounted from the total price.

ZipHearing values the importance of continuous care; therefore, it guarantees a $50 price per follow-up appointment after the first year of each purchase. This number is considerably lower than the average appointment fee with a hearing health specialist.

Customer Experience and Reviews

Testimonials And Reviews From Satisfied Customers And Their Real-life Experience

The company holds 97% 5-star ratings with more than 600 ZipHearing reviews on TrustPilot. This figure is another indicator of their commitment to customer satisfaction. 

The customers hold the company in high esteem as they are not only purchasing a product but also getting huge assistance for accommodating hearing devices. Connecting them with a local provider knowledgeable of different brands is a significant advantage of ZipHearing. As they mention, some providers only offer limited brands and models, which is not the case with the providers in the ZipHearing network. Another benefit is the website, where they can easily navigate and get answers to their concerns. 

Customers are also appreciative of the upfront pricing system. On average, the cost of hearing aids is 37% lower than the retail prices, enabling them to save up to 50%. In the ZipHearing review, Sharon Buck commented:

“Zip Hearing has been extraordinary to work with and provided the most affordable prices compared to my research on pricing on the internet. My experience with them has been effortless and stress-free. They’ve been very accommodating and swiftly accommodated my hearing aid’s style changes during the trial.”

Here is another comment made by Anna Walker related to reasonable prices:

“…I knew I needed top-of-the-line hearing aids, and ZH was a feasible option to purchase the same quality for a lower price of 30 percent…”

The next advantage of the company is that their approach can work perfectly for both first-time and experienced hearing aid users. By employing local hearing health specialists they make the process more efficient and less time-consuming for their customers. This way, patients do not need to do extensive research prior to obtaining a hearing aid.

According to Claire Elizabeth, the service was excellent:

“Excellent service and advice in supplying the most appropriate hearing aids to me. They were quickly delivered and fitted, and they function superior to my previous hearing aids, and they are rechargeable. Zip Hearing is an excellent business, and I’ll recommend it to others.”

The costumes also raise a few minor concerns. However, these issues occurred within the 45-day trial period and either were resolved quickly or the customers received a full refund.

Is Zip Health A Legitimate Company?

ZipHearing was founded in 2014 with customer loyalty in mind. Partnering up with major hearing aid brands, maintaining a large network of local providers to secure in-person care, having over 10,000 customers, and offering upfront pricing considerably lower than average are all determinants of the company’s legitimacy. You can be sure your purchase is safe with ZipHearing, and you matter as a consumer.

Pricing and Financing Options

Overview Of Pricing Structure On

Hearing aid prices can vary greatly depending on several factors: the brand and technology level are the major determinants of the price. The cost can range from $1,998 to $4,798 per pair. You can find the price of Phonak, Signia, and ReSound on the website. Regarding Oticon, Wisex, and Starkey, you need to chat with a ZipHearing representative. Single hearing aid purchase is also available for half the price, in case you need a single device.

Insurance Coverage And Financing Options Available

ZipHearing does not accept insurance. However, by conducting your benefits check, the company can clarify if your insurance covers out-of-network local care employed in ZipHearing. Afterward, they will file an insurance claim for you. You still need to make the full payment, as you will receive direct reimbursement from the insurance.

ZipHearing has convenient financial plans. You can get a twelve-month interest-free plan through CareCredit. If you prefer a more prolonged duration, such as up to 48 months, you can still get a reasonable plan at 14.9% APR (annual percentage rate).

Is Ziphearing Actually Cheaper?

ZipHearing pledges to offer budget-friendly products. The average price of ZipHearing aid is estimated to be around $4,500, while the national average is $6,000. Thus, you can save about $1,500 per purchase. However, there are other companies where you will get the same product at lower prices. A possible explanation could be that they lack a network of local providers. ZipHearing believes that further reduction of the prices would lead to unwanted tradeoffs such as poor quality of service.

Support and Follow-up Care

Information On After-sales Support And Warranty

During the first year of your purchase, you will receive free follow-up care with your local provider. However, continuous care is not limited to this; after the first year, you will get assurance of a $50 payment for follow-up appointments, which beats any price in the market. The service plan also includes a warranty, varying from one to four years. This covers hearing aid repair, loss, and theft with a $350 deductible per device.’s Commitment To Customer Satisfaction 

ZipHearing constantly strives to improve customer satisfaction by implementing the best service options in their practice. This is backed by customer reviews and ratings on various platforms. They are invested in continuous support and individual approach to each and every one of their customers. Another proof of their commitment is offering their buyers a transparent and fair pricing system. 

Zip Hearing Review Conclusion

Summary Of Key Takeaways

ZipHearing is an authorized online retailer of six major players in the hearing aid industry with the most significant market shares. They have built a large network of trustworthy hearing health specialists nationwide to incorporate face-to-face care in their practice. Customers are pleased with their excellent service at considerably lower prices.

Encouragement To Visit For Finding The Right Hearing Aid

Considering the large selection of hearing aids on the market, many people find it challenging and time-consuming to get the perfect hearing aid aligned with their needs and priorities. In situations like this, ZipHearing is an excellent option for you if you want to avoid the inconvenience of finding a competent local provider, if you prefer in-person care and follow-up support, and value customer loyalty. In addition, all this service plan comes with a reasonable price.

Zip Hearing Alternatives

ZipHearing review indicates outstanding customer service, local provider guidance, and competitive prices. However, if you prefer remote care instead of visiting an audiologist’s office or you want lower prices, here are some alternatives for you to consider:

  • has a lot of similarities with ZipHearing in terms of connecting you with a local provider. Their purchase plan includes remote care with a remote hearing test, a three-year follow-up care instead of one year, and a mobile app.
  • Yes Hearing is another online retailer with a unique in-home service, which includes a hearing test and a hearing aid fitting at patients’ homes. As for follow-up care, it can be either in-home or remote. Additionally, they offer a subscription service for further hearing care and device supply without any time limits.
  • Audicus is focused on providing lower-priced hearing aids. However, they offer remote care, including virtual fitting with the support of an audiologist. They also have flexible subscription and service plans.
  • The next alternative is over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids that you will get online or at local stores, possibly at the lowest prices. You can consider this option if your hearing loss is mild or moderate. The drawback is that you will need to do the fitting on your own without any support from a hearing care provider.


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