Ivy-League-educated, hearing-impaired executive and entrepreneur with deep expertise in the hearing health industry – Luis combines the perspectives of the hearing-impaired patient/end-user, with the technical and market knowledge gained as an executive at hearing aid manufacturer and the front-line experience as the owner of a hearing health clinic.


Luis Zuluaga is the Editor-in-Chief of HearingPeople.com and the CEO of Florida Hearing Institute. Before his latest hearing healthcare endeavors, Mr. Zuluaga served as President and Chief Operating Officer of Zounds Hearing Inc., a hearing aid manufacturer that recruited him after he successfully built his first hearing clinic in Miami into one of the most successful locations within the Zounds nationwide network. Luis, a hearing-impaired individual, decided to build a new patient-focused hearing center in 2012 after he lived through a series of not very positive experiences trying to find the right professionals and the right devices to treat his hearing loss. Before starting his hearing health business, Luis served in various executive roles at Citi Private Bank, senior client advisory roles as a management consultant at Marakon Associates, and several senior management roles at Eastman Kodak Company, including Worldwide Marketing Director for Kodak’s Health Imaging Division and Regional Sales Director for Kodak’s Digital Diagnostic Imaging in Latin America.


  • Harvard Business School | Master in Business Administration | INSEAD, Young Managers Programme | Lafayette College | Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering

About Hearing People

Our goal at Hearing People is to be the most trustworthy source of unbiased, fact-based and accurate information about hearing health that is delivered in plain language for the benefit of millions of people facing hearing loss. There are many clinical and technical aspects that we must consider when we or a loved one are facing the challenges of hearing loss. We are committed to doing the heavy lifting, researching key topics around hearing loss and hearing health and then delivering our learnings and conclusions in plain language that will help your decision-making process as you embark on the journey of caring for your sense of hearing. Over a decade ago our founder was diagnosed with hearing loss and he was prescribed hearing aids but he found the entire process of selecting and adjusting his first pair of hearing aids extremely unfriendly and frustrating. He also found that the information available on hearing loss and hearing aids was not always fact-based, credible and unbiased – And that’s why he decided to start Hearing People.


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