The inception of Loop earplugs is a result of friendship, innovation, and a shared passion for better hearing protection. Childhood friends Maarten and Dimitri, driven by their personal experiences with tinnitus and a desire for more aesthetically pleasing earplugs, started a journey that would redefine the earplug market.

Their Belgian startup, launched in 2016, was led fast to success, bringing in an impressive $44 million last year alone. This Loop earplugs review will discuss how their unique vision transformed earplugs from mere functional items into stylish accessories, offering a combination of protection and fashion.

Loop earplugs have become more than just a product; they represent a movement toward prioritizing hearing health without compromising on style. Recognizing the gap in the market for earplugs that were both effective and appealing, Maarten and Dimitri revolutionized the concept, creating earplugs that are as much a fashion statement as they are a protective device. In this Loop earplugs review, we will explore how these earplugs have become essential for anyone looking to protect their hearing in a noisy world, whether at concerts, during work, or in everyday life.

In this Loop earplugs review, we will discuss the various reasons that make Loop earplugs a standout choice. From their innovative design and comfort to the range of options available and their unique features, this review aims to provide an in-depth analysis, helping you understand why Loop earplugs are not just an accessory but a must for modern living in the noisy world.

Why use Loop earplugs?

In our daily lives, the need for earplugs can arise in various scenarios, ranging from seeking some silence in a noisy environment to protecting our ears at a loud concert. The reasons for using earplugs are as diverse as the individuals who use them. This section of our loop earplugs review will explore why these particular earplugs have become a go-to choice for many.

Earplugs serve as a barrier against the potentially harmful effects of loud noises. Whether it’s to ensure a peaceful night’s sleep in a noisy flat, to concentrate in a bustling office, or to safeguard ears during high-decibel events, earplugs are essential. They are not just tools for sound isolation; they are guardians of our auditory health.

The primary role of earplugs is to protect our hearing. Prolonged exposure to loud noises can lead to hearing loss or tinnitus, a persistent ringing in the ears, or even temporary or permanent hearing loss. By using earplugs, we can significantly reduce the risk to our auditory system health. This Loop earplugs review emphasizes how these earplugs not only reduce noise levels but also maintain sound clarity, ensuring that while you’re protected, you’re not completely cut off from your environment.

Unlike traditional earplugs, Loop earplugs are designed with both aesthetics and functionality in mind. They don’t just block noise; they filter it, allowing for a clear, natural sound experience while still offering substantial protection. 

Types of Loop earplugs

Loop earplugs offer a range of options to suit various needs and environments. This section will discuss the different types of Loop earplugs currently available and their specific design purposes and guide readers on how to select the right Loop earplug for their individual needs.

Range of Loop Earplugs

  • Loop Engage: The newest addition to the Loop family, Loop Engage earplugs, are designed with conversation in mind. They are ideal for those with noise sensitivity and for use in social settings where communication is key. These earplugs feature an acoustic channel with a newly designed filter, reducing the ‘head-underwater’ sensation and providing up to 16 decibels of noise reduction. They are also recommended for parents who need to balance noise reduction with the ability to hear their children.
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  • Loop Experience: These earplugs are versatile and suitable for various settings, including live music, events, and even parenting. They are particularly favored by users with noise sensitivity. Loop Experience earplugs offer up to 18 dB of noise reduction while maintaining sound quality across different pitches and intensities. This is achieved through a square acoustic channel, a membrane, and a mesh filter.
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  • Loop Quiet: For those seeking significant noise reduction, Loop Quiet earplugs are the go-to option. They provide up to 27 decibels of noise coverage, making them perfect for intense focus, blocking out distractions, or even for sleeping. Made from super comfortable silicone, they are designed for extended wear without discomfort.
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Choosing the Right Loop Earplug

Choosing the right Loop earplug depends on your specific needs and the environments you frequently encounter. If your priority is clear communication in social settings or managing noise sensitivity without feeling isolated, Loop Engage is an excellent choice. For a more versatile option that balances noise reduction with sound quality, especially in environments like concerts or events, Loop Experience earplugs are ideal. And for maximum noise reduction in scenarios requiring deep concentration or rest, Loop Quiet earplugs are the best fit.

loop earplugs review

Additionally, each Loop earplug model is available in a “Plus” version, offering extra accessories and unique color options for personalization. The Loop Mutes, an add-on for Experience and Engage models, provide an additional 5 decibels of noise coverage, enhancing their versatility.

In summary, whether you are attending a concert, need to focus on a noisy environment, or are sensitive to noise, there is a Loop earplug designed for your specific needs. Understanding the unique features of each type will help you make an informed decision on which Loop earplug is right for you; this will be discussed in the next section.

Features of Loop Earplugs

Here, we discuss the key features that make Loop earplugs a preferred choice for many.

  • Noise Reduction Performance: A primary feature of Loop earplugs is their exceptional noise reduction capabilities. Models like Loop Quiet offer up to 27 decibels of noise coverage, ideal for intense noise environments. Loop Engage and Loop Experience provide up to 16 and 18 decibels of noise reduction, respectively, suitable for social settings and versatile environments. This range of noise reduction options ensures that users can find the right level of protection for their specific needs.
  • Sound Fidelity: Loop earplugs are designed to maintain sound fidelity, ensuring that while noise is reduced, the quality of the sound remains high. This is particularly evident in the Loop Experience earplugs, which feature a square acoustic channel and a mesh filter to balance sound, making them ideal for music events and situations where sound quality is paramount.
  • Style: Loop earplugs are not just functional; they are also stylish. Their unique torus-shaped design is not only an aesthetic choice but also contributes to their effectiveness. Available in various colors, these earplugs allow users to express their personal style while enjoying the benefits of noise reduction.
  • Versatility of Use: The range of Loop earplugs fits the user’s needs in various scenarios, from social gatherings to sleep, making them a versatile choice for different users. Whether it’s for attending concerts, motorcycling, or needing quiet for focused work, there’s a Loop earplug designed for the situation.
  • Durability: Constructed from quality materials, Loop earplugs are durable and designed to last. This durability ensures that users can rely on their earplugs for consistent performance over time, making them a cost-effective choice in the long run.
  • Packaging: Loop earplugs come with practical and attractive packaging. The inclusion of a carrying case in the package makes it convenient for users to carry their earplugs safely and use them whenever needed. This thoughtful packaging design enhances the overall user experience.
  • Pricing: Loop earplugs are priced competitively, offering good value for their features. With options like the standard and Plus versions of each model, users can choose based on their budget and needs. The Plus versions, which include additional accessories like foam ear tips and Loop Mutes, provide added value for a slightly higher price.

In summary, Loop earplugs offer a combination of features such as noise reduction performance, sound fidelity, style, versatility, durability, thoughtful packaging, and competitive pricing. Collectively, these features make Loop earplugs a great choice for anyone seeking effective and stylish hearing protection solutions.

User Reviews and Ratings of Loop Earplugs

Reviews from Users:

 Loop earplugs have been commented on in a variety of reviews, reflecting their diverse applications and user experiences. For instance, Doc Gom from the United States rated them 4 out of 5 stars (, appreciating their effective noise reduction and good fit, especially in loud concert environments. Sarah R. highlighted their game-changing nature for concert-goers, emphasizing their comfort and effectiveness in filtering out excess noise.

Another user, VideoC, found them invaluable in urban settings for reducing street noise, appreciating their comfortable fit similar to earbuds. Samantha expressed her satisfaction with Loop earplugs, noting their ability to prevent post-concert ear buzzing. Z1A found them great for workplace use. S. Ramsey pointed out their suitability for children at concerts, with the smallest ear tip size fitting perfectly. These reviews collectively showcase Loop earplugs’ versatility, comfort, and effectiveness in various settings, from concerts to everyday urban life.

Personal Rating: 

We believe that Loop earplugs are a great choice, reflecting the vision of a modern company committed to improving people’s hearing experiences and enhancing their enjoyment of life. Their stylish design is not just about aesthetics; it’s proof of the company’s dedication to offering unique features that cater to diverse needs.

The R&D behind Loop earplugs seems to be driven by individuals with extensive experience in acoustic design, indicating a team that seeks the best talents worldwide. This approach to product development ensures that Loop earplugs not only meet but exceed user expectations. Whether it’s for concerts, work, or daily urban use, Loop earplugs stand out as a top-tier choice in hearing protection, combining style, comfort, and functionality. Their products truly rock, offering a blend of innovation, user-centric design, and acoustic excellence.

Conclusion: Loop Earplugs Review

In this review, we’ve explored the various aspects that make Loop earplugs a standout choice in the realm of hearing protection. From their inception as a Belgian startup to their current status as a market leader, Loop earplugs have consistently demonstrated a commitment to innovation, style, and functionality.

Marten and Dimitri had a vision when they initiated the journey of Loop earplugs. That vision transformed earplugs from traditional items into stylish accessories, significantly contributing to their $44 million success last year. We discussed the diverse scenarios where Loop earplugs are essential – from ensuring peaceful sleep in noisy environments to protecting ears at concerts. Their role in safeguarding auditory health while maintaining sound clarity sets them apart.

loop earplugs review

This review covered the range of Loop earplugs – Loop Engage, Loop Experience, and Loop Quiet – each designed for specific needs, from social settings to intense noise reduction. User Reviews and Ratings: User experiences, such as those shared by Doc Gom, Sarah R., and others, reflect the earplugs’ effectiveness in various settings, from concerts to urban environments.

We encourage our readers to consider Loop earplugs for their hearing protection needs. Whether you’re a concert-goer, a professional working in noisy environments, or someone seeking peace in a loud world, Loop earplugs offer a solution that doesn’t compromise style or comfort. Their innovative design, coupled with their effectiveness in noise reduction and sound fidelity, makes them a wise choice for anyone looking to protect their hearing health.

For those interested in exploring more about earplugs and hearing protection, we invite you to check out other articles on our page dedicated to earplugs. Here, you’ll find in-depth analyses, comparisons, and reviews of various earplug brands and types, helping you make informed decisions about your hearing protection needs.

In conclusion, Loop earplugs are a result of a modern company’s vision of improving hearing experiences while adding a touch of style. Their unique features, developed by a team with extensive experience in acoustic design, ensure that Loop earplugs are not just a product but a lifestyle choice for those who value their hearing and style equally. Loop earplugs truly rock, offering a perfect blend of protection, innovation, and elegance.

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