Lucid Engage Hearing Aids Introduction

Getting introduced to the world of hearing aids can be overwhelming, with many options and features to consider. In this article, we explore the Lucid Engage hearing aids, a pioneering product that seeks to transform how we experience sound and promises to make high-quality hearing technology accessible to all [1].

A brief overview of Lucid Engage Hearing Aids

Unveiled in October 2022, Engage™ is a high-quality FDA registered Over the Counter (OTC) hearing aid from Lucid® Hearing. Fashioned in a receiver-in-canal (RIC) style, Engage is filled with an array of features that are typically found in pricier hearing aids, including rechargeability and streaming capabilities for both Apple® iOS and Android™ devices.

This OTC device is user-friendly and intended to be programmed at home without the need for a hearing care professional. Once configured, the Lucid app enables wireless manipulation of features like noise reduction and sound clarity. Key Features of the device include the following: Controlled wirelessly via a smartphone app, extensive personalization through app functions Compatible with both Android and iPhone for Bluetooth audio streaming, rechargeable battery, subtle receiver-in-canal design

Who makes Lucid Engage?

Lucid Engage hearing aids is the product of Lucid Hearing, a subsidiary of Hearing Lab Technologies, LLC, a hearing products manufacturer headquartered in North America. Since its inception in 2009, the company has parented several well-known brands, including Etymotic®, Westone Audio®, and HearGear™. Additionally, Hearing Lab Technologies owns a number of retail networks such as Sam’s Club® and Walmart Health. They also manage 500 nationwide Lucid Hearing Centers, which they believe are the powerhouse driving the innovative design of their hearing devices.

Using Lucid Engage

Lucid Engage hearing aids are user-friendly and mostly pre-configured. They come with a rechargeable or standard disposable size 13 battery option. Within the box, you’ll find a pair of Lucid Engage hearing aids, a storage case, nine pairs of varying ear tips, cleaning tools, wax stops, and an instruction manual. If you select the rechargeable option, the case doubles as a charging base, and a USB cable is included. The Lucid Engage hearing aids impress with their size, weight, and build quality. Engage fits comfortably behind the ear, even when wearing glasses, and is relatively unobtrusive. They deliver sound directly into the ear canal via a thin wire and receiver speaker, a step up in sound quality from older sound tube style options. The flexibility of the wire should allow it to adapt well to most ear shapes.


Let’s have a look into the advanced features of Lucid Engage Hearing Aids designed to improve both the sound quality and overall user experience [1,2]:

  1. Wireless Connectivity & amplification programs: Bluetooth and Lucid App offer seamless connectivity with Apple® iOS and Android™ devices. This hands-free connectivity facilitates Bluetooth® streaming of various audio forms, such as phone calls and music, a feature that is uncommon in many OTC devices. The pairing of Engage with a smartphone also enables wireless control through the Lucid Hearing App. This app compatibility extends to iPhone 6 or newer models using iOS 12 or above and Android phones with Android 10 or above. The app offers independent volume control and the option to switch between four pre-set programs, which are developed based on audiometric research in partnership with the University of Texas at Dallas.

These four programs are:

  • Mild: This is advised for individuals with the most prevalent hearing impairment and those who struggle to hear speech.
  • Moderate: This program is similar to the Mild, but for those requiring enhanced clarity.
  • Bass Boost: Similar to the Moderate program, but with an increased volume for vowel sounds.
  • Max: This is the Bass Boost program with maximum volume. Engage devices can be further customized to cater to individual needs using the volume control and other app settings.
  1. AudioEQ is an app-exclusive feature that enables users to control various aspects of their streamed audio. For instance, the Audio Mix feature allows users to modify the balance between streamed audio and the ambient sounds picked up by Engage’s adaptive microphones. Depending on the user’s preference and situational requirements, they can shift between an isolated sound experience and a more ambient one.
  2. LucidShape™ One is of the unique offerings of Engage devices is the LucidShape™ feature, accessible within the app. This feature provides users with impressive hands-on control to personalize the device’s output. Unlike simple volume controls or three-band adjustments found in other OTC devices, LucidShape provides more resolution in frequency-specific adjustments. It provides nine points of customization between 250 and 6000 Hz, allowing users to personalize their sound experiences. This feature, however, is more suitable for tech-savvy users due to its level of customization. Although an average user might find it challenging to determine the appropriate adjustments for their hearing loss, an audiologist can perform real-ear measurements using LucidShape to better match Engage’s output to the user’s hearing profile.
  3. Battery Options Lucid Engage is available with either a disposable or rechargeable battery. The disposable battery, a standard size 13, should last about 1 to 2 weeks depending on usage and phone connectivity. The rechargeable battery, an 820mHz Lithium-Ion polymer battery, can last up to 20 hours.
  4. Lucid Hearing App The Lucid Hearing App is a dedicated application for the Engage hearing aids. It allows users to adjust sound quality and connect to streaming media right from their phone. Despite a few reported connectivity issues, the app is generally well received and offers a user-friendly interface for sound adjustments and streaming control.

These innovative features aim to enhance sound quality and provide a tailored hearing experience, elevating Lucid Engage beyond just a standard hearing aid.

Comparison with other Hearing aids

Lucid Engage hearing aids provide similar sound quality and background noise processing to other mid-price products on the market. The sound quality of Lucid hearing aids is not quite as comfortable or sophisticated as products from ReSound or Widex, but it’s close [3].

Customer Satisfaction

Based on the wide range of customer reviews for the Lucid Engage hearing aids, it is clear that they have earned high satisfaction ratings from users [4]. Most of the users who provided feedback have expressed significant satisfaction with the performance of these devices, and this appears to be reflected in the overall customer satisfaction ratings.

There are several reasons why customers have rated the Lucid Engage hearing aids highly. First and foremost, users have praised the sound quality and functionality these hearing aids deliver. Many customers noticed an immediate improvement in their hearing ability, with one even stating that these hearing aids allowed them to hear sounds they hadn’t heard in years.

The product’s compatibility with both Android and iPhone smartphones via Bluetooth also contributed to its high ratings, providing a user-friendly experience that allows individuals to personalize their settings. The accompanying application was praised by some users for its easy-to-use features and its ability to aid in fine-tuning the device for optimal hearing.

Customers also appreciated the comfort and convenience of these hearing aids, highlighting their lightweight design, the comfortable fit, and the fact that they are easy to clean. Another key factor that led to high customer satisfaction was the longevity of the hearing aids’ battery life, which permitted extended usage without frequent recharging.

Another significant reason behind the high satisfaction ratings is the cost-effectiveness of Lucid Engage hearing aids. A number of users have noted that these hearing aids perform at a level comparable to more expensive models. Customers appreciated the affordability of these aids, noting that they offer significant value for the cost.

However, it is important to note that while the majority of customers were highly satisfied with the Lucid Engage hearing aids, some users faced challenges. These challenges included difficulty with the Bluetooth connection, trouble with streaming capabilities, and occasional connectivity loss with the app. Despite these issues, most users seemed to have an overall positive experience with the product.

In conclusion, customer satisfaction with the Lucid Engage hearing aids is primarily driven by their high sound quality, smartphone compatibility, comfort, convenience, and affordability. Despite a few challenges, the majority of users have expressed a high level of satisfaction, deeming these hearing aids a worthy investment for their hearing health.

Frequently Asked Questions about Lucid Engage Hearing Aids 

Who is Lucid Hearing?

Lucid Hearing is a company with a solid foundation in acoustic research and development, hearing device development, and music innovations. They have over 40 years of experience in this field, and their products are engineered in the USA. The company offers products in five areas of hearing health, including hearing aids, under various brands such as Lucid Hearing, Westone Audio, Etymotic, HearGear, HearMuffs, and Saf-T-Ear [5]. 

Where are Lucid Hearing Centers located?

Lucid Hearing has over 500 hearing aid centers across the United States, primarily located in Sam’s Clubs, and more than 50 international locations. You can find the nearest center to you by visiting or by calling (800) 785-6052. They also offer a free online hearing assessment on their website [5].

What sets Lucid Hearing apart from other hearing aid companies?

Lucid Hearing’s main focus is to provide the best possible hearing experience for their customers. They offer free hearing tests, clear pricing, and free lifetime adjustments and support. In addition to hearing aids, they also offer a broad range of other hearing health products. Their specialists are state-licensed and certified, and their products use the latest technologies [5].

How does Lucid Hearing customize my prescription hearing aids?

Upon completing your in-clinic hearing test, the audiogram results are used to program your hearing aids. With their Lucid software, they can adjust frequencies and volume to cater to your specific hearing loss and needs, focusing on comfort and clarity [5].

How are Lucid Hearing aids different from other technologies?

Lucid Hearing aids, including the Lucid Engage model, are powered by Lucid technology which uses adaptive dynamic range optimization, unlike other companies that use wide dynamic range compression. According to Lucid Hearing, this technology provides natural and precise sound, optimizes speech clarity, and doesn’t distort sound. Using unique algorithms and up to 128 channels, Lucid hearing aids can adapt to your environment, providing an optimal hearing experience [5].

How is the warranty policy and what are the repair options for Lucid Hearing aids?

Lucid Audio gives a one-year warranty on its hearing aids [6]. This means if something goes wrong with your hearing aids within a year of buying them, Lucid Audio will fix or replace them for you. To use the warranty, you need to have your original receipt and call Lucid Audio’s customer service at 1-888-389-6684 to get a special return number.

However, the warranty will not be valid if the hearing aids are used wrongly, dropped in water, or damaged. Also, the warranty is only for the person who originally bought the hearing aids, so you can’t pass it to someone else if you give or sell them your hearing aids.

Lucid Engage Hearing Aids Takeaway

The Lucid Engage hearing aids represent an interesting option in accessible, over-the-counter hearing technology. Packed with a variety of advanced features typically found in higher-end models, Engage provides wireless connectivity, extensive customization options, comfort, and most importantly, enhanced hearing experience. These aids are created by Lucid Hearing, a company with a distinguished track record in hearing device development.

Users appreciate the Engage model for its impressive sound quality, smartphone compatibility, and comfort. Its affordable price, relative to its competitors, adds another layer of appeal, offering substantial value for money. Despite minor connectivity issues reported by some users, the overall customer satisfaction remains high, making Engage a worthwhile investment for your hearing health.

In summary, if you are searching for a reliable, user-friendly, and cost-effective hearing OTC solution, Lucid Engage is a compelling choice to consider. It combines an array of cutting-edge features, intuitive operation, and the convenience of at-home programming, making it not just a hearing aid, but a tool to revolutionize your auditory experience.


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